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Why are we here?

We are here to support your business and your success.

How we work?

We listen. Ask. Explore. Build solutions. Advise. We sue and defend on your behalf.

Our values

Determination. Courage. Passion. Reliability. Timeliness. Responsiveness. Thoroughness. Trust.

Our vision

To be your advisor, partner, representative, colleague and defender.

Why are we different?

We resolve problems with passion. We act promptly. We are flexible. We like our profession.

Everything matters

We pay attention to details.

Reliable & Effective

Responsibility and dedication, continuous investments in education and a broad range of professional knowledge in different areas of law allow us to find the best solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients.

A multidisciplinary approach is one of our distinctive features, which enables us to take care of all clients’ needs, in different aspects of law.

We put ourselves in your shoes and pay attention to your requests, suggestions and overall philosophy and goals.

Our primary goal is to provide legal services of highest quality and we approach every task with great care and devotion.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated and well-trained lawyers who possess in-depth knowledge and experience both in Croatian and EU laws, focused on the individual needs of our clients and the needs of their business.

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Let’s be on the same team!

For any queries, requests and clarifications we are at your disposal 24/7.


We keep you informed on the progress of your case on a regular basis.

A clear insight into legal consequences which might arise from your business decisions.

Relationship based on trust is the cornerstone of our business.

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What Clients Say?


A superb law firm whose legal opinions do not require a "user guide".


Cooperation with this law firm has been associated with mutual satisfaction in every single moment. I look forward to continuing working with M&S team.


What I would particularly point out when I speak about M&S Partners is certainly their analytical approach to specific legal problems, the accuracy of the received information, the speed and precision in executing tasks and presenting solutions, as well as the promptness of their employees in every aspect of communication.


M&S team is a group of people absolutely dedicated to their profession, they have an individual approach to every client and every problem and they find solutions through their collective intelligence.

We Are Here to Provide Legal Assistance