Marking a new beginning April 13th 2016

In a beautiful setting of the Meštrović Pavilion, situated in the vicinity of our new premises, we celebrated the merger of two law firms into a new firm on 13 April 2016 with our friends and business partners.

The Law Firm Šooš Maceljski & Partners and the Joint Law Office Matić, Mandić and Stanić merged into a new law firm named Matić, Šooš Maceljski, Mandić, Stanić & Partners Law Firm (M&S Partners).

By merging these two law firms, we created a new generation multidisciplinary law office capable of catering to the needs of its clients in different fields of law.

The host Tarik Filipović and the imitator Luka Bulić entertained us during the informal programme while later on we enjoyed the music performed by soul & jazz artist Željka Veverec At Ease.

Our enlarged team is looking forward to future successful business activities and new opportunities.

We bring you a part of the atmosphere in the photo gallery: