Employers, get educated! October 17th 2016

In addition to regular business activities we are all engaged in, regardless of our profession or the type of activity, one needs to have knowledge in the field of labour relations.

If a member suddenly leaves your team, this will certainly have an impact on your business and daily work. It is natural that you then focus on how the business will run without that person and plan how to hire a new employee. However, it is also necessary to give due consideration to the relationship with the employee who is leaving. Mistakes in the procedure of terminating the employment, especially in case of a notice given to the employee by the employer, can also affect your business.

If you are an employer – get educated! You have already completed half of your work if you are aware that the labour law is the area in which you can easily make a mistake. If you are aware of it, it is probable that you will seek help and ensure that your actions are in accordance with the regulations in force.

In order to enable the employers to deal with the issues in their business practice, our law firm organised an interactive, custom-made workshop in November 2016 for a target group of employers. The workshop was focused on resolution of specific problems in their everyday business. The participants had the opportunity to improve their knowledge through interpretations of regulations, recommendations and presented possible legal solutions.

The aim of the training was to teach the employers to recognise the situations which require special attention, raise their awareness on acting in accordance with the procedure stipulated by the law and recognise “the loopholes” (maybe their situation is also an example of “a loophole”). At the request of the participants, we dealt with the subjects of their particular interests such as a non-compete clause, investing in employee’s education, how to proceed if the employee does not wish to take a period of notice, can a worker be transferred to another place of work or another branch office of the same employer, severity of certain employer offences and which penalties can be imposed.

During the workshop we also tried to show the employers how to draft some specific provisions of the labour agreement in order to provide a solution for adverse situations which tend to repeatedly occur in practice. In addition, we covered examples of case-law to illustrate how the courts address the issues in the area of labour relations.