Specialist training programme – Tax Specialist April 5th 2017

Frequent changes of regulations can easily lead to insufficient knowledge of tax laws while numerous ambiguities in the interpretation of tax regulations often cause problems in their implementation.

In order for our law firm to know how to act in accordance with relevant tax regulations in a specific business situation, the members of our team engaged in a specialist training programme. At the beginning of April 2017, Nikola Berović and Tamara Levačić completed a training programme in the Institute for Management in Zagreb and acquired a title of a tax specialist.

This training programme was an excellent opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills for efficient company management and resolution of tax-related issues including VAT, corporate income tax and personal income tax.

Our colleagues received an update on relevant tax regulations in the Republic of Croatia as well as on the elements of the common tax policy of the EU transferred into the Croatian tax system. In order for them to correctly apply the relevant tax regulations in specific business situations they also learned about the tax issues related to legal entities and individuals and acquired the necessary shills for financial reporting and filing tax returns.

This training programme is a part of our continuous efforts to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the members of our team.

Congratulations to Nikola and Tamara!