Our job is not merely drafting of documents and reading laws, we are a team that wants to know and understand your way of doing business and support you in conducting business and making important business decisions.

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We are dedicated to our continuous professional growth and development. We firmly believe that our success rests on the commitment, skills and knowledge of our lawyers.

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If you are faced with a criminal charge, you are under an investigation or are guilty of a criminal offense with an outcome that may have a negative impact on your life, reputation or career, we are here for you.

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Our reactions are swift, we are your support and take effective steps. We take our time to fully understand your needs and the circumstances you have found yourself in.

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We are ready to adapt to the specific requirements of each client. It is our goal to create a relationship with each client to suit the way and dynamics of their respective businesses.

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We represent our clients before Municipal courts, County courts, the Supreme Court, Criminal courts, Commercial courts, the High Commercial Court, Administrative courts, the High Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court and many other institutions.

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