Practice areas

Corporate Law

We can help you find creative solutions for complex and difficult corporate issues. The diversity of corporate law requires a strong background in a variety of areas.

Banking & Finance

Ability to handle challenging transactions and complex negotiations is our main strength. We advise on regulatory and compliance, draft documentation and offer expert legal opinions.

Bankruptcy Law

We provide legal support to companies in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy and take measures to ensure that their losses are entirely avoided or minimal. We provide comprehensive solutions in order to maintain business continuity or to speed up your recovery from the harmful consequences of bankruptcy.

Debt Collection

We provide overall support to our clients in executing debt collection. Creative software solutions enable us to work on a large number of debt collection cases at the same time, which makes us one of the leading teams on the market in this area.


We advise our oil and gas and renewable energy clients, we give them support both in energy and other areas, such as finance, regulatory, real estate, tax, environmental and labor law, all in order to implement their energy projects and tasks.

Compensation for damages

We represent clients who have suffered injuries, property damage or any other kind of loss as a result of a negligent or careless act of another person, entity or organization. We are here to help our clients collect just damages for their pain, damage or loss.

Criminal law

Correct interpretation of facts and prompt reaction are the key to succeeding in criminal law proceedings. We offer complete, all-inclusive, criminal law solutions including well-reasoned evaluations of your case, advocacy in court and legal advice throughout the process. We advise our clients, prepare them for their court appearance and explain the court procedures and decisions to them.


Whether you are a small business, a large company or an individual, it is important to get the right advice before entering into a contract. We will help you and ensure that your rights are protected and favorable terms are negotiated on your behalf, as well as to avoid significant and far-reaching consequences that could be faced in the absence of the professional legal advice.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions are often complex and followed by significant capital investments. As experienced and competent real estate lawyers we can help you to protect your interests and ensure that your rights are protected and your duties clearly defined.


M&S lawyers are experienced at litigating. We know how to present our clients’ side of dispute to a judge, how to protect their rights and maximize their chances of getting a favorable decision. Our main task is to determine the best approach to the case and to advise our clients on the steps which have to be taken.

Employment law

Should you require assistance in employers/employees relationships, M&S Partners is here to provide legal services. M&S Partners employment team is ready to help you manage high-risk legal issues, such as employment and management contracts and steer you in the ever-changing world of employment law.

Administrative Law

It is not uncommon for individuals and companies to find themselves in need of legal advice regarding Croatia’s complex network of different government administrative units, public institutions and agencies. Highly skilled, motivated and experienced in dealing with these matters, we are here to guide you through the forest of Croatia’s complicated and sometimes conflicting administrative laws, rulebooks and regulations.

Intellectual Property

We implement and maintain the most appropriate strategy to protect and to maximize the value of our clients’ innovations and other intellectual assets, in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, which include copyrights, patents, industrial design rights and trademarks.

Public procurement

By advising both public sector organizations and bidders in complex procurement processes and procurement law challenges and disputes, we provide integrated advice on procurement law, commercial negotiations, contract drafting and dispute resolutions.

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